Are You a UST Facility Operator?

 If you have an underground storage tank with fuel – YOU ARE! So keep on reading…

TCEQ is now requiring that you and at least one store clerk have training with an approved course by August 8th, 2012.

For further information go to homepage, for the new requirements or email or call 512 239-5755.

Here is  information from the TCEQ website:

 In accordance with Federal law (the Energy Policy Act of 2005) the TCEQ adopted new rules on February 23, 2011, which created a new subchapter “N” in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 334 specifying new UST facility operator training requirements.

 On or after August 8, 2012, every UST facility will be required to have at least one trained Operator in each of three classes:

1. Class A Operator

– An individual who is required to have general knowledge of the requirements of all applicable UST regulations and is typically a facility owner or manager.

2. Class B Operator

– An individual who is required to ensure the implementation of all applicable UST regulatory requirements at a facility and to ensure the implementation of the day to day aspects of facility operation, maintenance and recordkeeping. In addition, the designated Class B Operator for a facility is responsible for the training of all Class C Operators at that facility.

3. Class C Operator

– An individual, typically a clerk, who controls the dispensing of fuel and is responsible for initial response to emergencies.

 Class A and Class B operators must complete a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approved operator training course or process. Courses or processes may include in-person or on-line training performed by, contracted for, or approved by the TCEQ, and must include an evaluation of operator knowledge through testing, practical demonstration, or other tools deemed acceptable by the TCEQ. In order for a non-contracted provider to be approved by the agency, the provider of a training course or process must be sponsored by an association or industry organization recognized nationwide or statewide with regard to its affiliation with regulated petroleum underground storage tank (UST) systems.

The training of Class C Operators is facility specific and is the responsibility of the Class B Operator/s of a facility. Class C Operator Training programs must meet minimum requirements specified in TCEQ rule and may include in-class, hands-on, on-line or any other training format deemed acceptable by the Class B Operator.


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