About Us

About Our Company

The number one goal of Denny Oil Company at its start in 1972 was to provide outstanding service to all of our customers. Quality service has brought Denny Oil Company from a small beginning, to being a leader in the fuel distribution and oil products business today – almost 40 years later. Our company consists of people, equipment and experience working together to meet the needs of our customers.

Denny Oil Company serves over 350 retail and commercial customers throughout Texas, including the metropolitan areas of Dallas and Houston, and Louisiana. With our goal always focused on providing the best possible service, we have developed strategies in C-store branding to help your business grow and stay competitive.

In working towards the future, our goal is to continue to stay focused on plans and programs that will be efficient and beneficial to our customers in the world of fuel and oil, while providing exceptional service to our customers. Knowing that decisions regarding your retail gasoline business are extremely important, we are pleased that you have taken the time to learn what Denny Oil Company has to offer you.

We are confident that we will provide you with honest and excellent service, along with the opportunities and support you want. We thank you in advance for your interest in how Denny Oil Company can help your business grow.


John R. Rudisill